Anyone know how to stop Media bay from playing via Midi?

When I select a Track preset from Mediabay and Load it into Cubase 12 , If I leave Mediabay window open it keep playing the select VSTi .

I love this function but just need to switch it off sometimes ?


Hi, if I understand correctly the command “Media->Preview Stop” is what you’re after. Oh, and the stop button at the lower zone of the mediaBay obviously:

Thanks ,it’s not the Play button playing , = Media bay is playing the select track preset when I play my Master Keyboard .

see below the small Yellow light , light up as a play which is cool , but only way to stop it is close the Media bay window

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 18.13.46

Now I understand better. Then you should try the command “Media->Preview Active On/Off”.

Ok Great , were can I find that ? Thx

Here: Edit->Key Commands->Media->Preview Active On/Off.

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SO just checked this out and setting “Edit->Key Commands->Media->Preview Active On/Off.” does stop the Midi master keyboard from playing the selected Track preset , but once you select another track preset its back on . I also tried turn off the auto preview , but still it come back on when I select a different preset

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 11.22.46

Indeed, I see it too here.

You can try Ctrl+Alt+Num 2 (Edit->Key Commands->Media->Open/Close Previewer). As far as I can see, it works OK, i.e, when we close it, preview is no longer performed.

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Thank you , I didn’t think to try that .

also you can close it here without a short cut and it stops previewing , which now make sense