Anyone Know of a Routing Diagram?

Been trying to find a comprehensive routing diagram of signal flow in cubase. I see the control room diagram that’s available in the program but I’m kind of a solo act and from what I’ve seen I won’t be using that much. I found one in a ‘sound on sound’ magazine article that was posted. Appeared to be what I’m looking for but the reprint was so small that the labeling was unreadable.
If anyone knows where I can find one that’s legible, please let me know.



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If you are lucky/wise enough to have kept a Cubase 6/6.5 installation, there are routing diagrams at the end of the ‘15. The mixer’ chapter in C6 Operation Manual, p.169-171 : still helpful, indeed.

If you aren’t, you’re stucked : no more equivalent in ‘The Mixconsole’ chapter (or anywhere else) of the C7 manual. Guess it was too complicated for Steiny to keep them, as many other C6/6.5 features…

Also wondering… And with this : no more chapter numbers, a 708 to 913 pages count with reduced sized characters making it more difficult to read on a 1920x1200 monitor such as mine, features still present in 6.5 which vanished since without explanations and described as they were still there, making the whole package outdated.

Result : an unreliable document with more browsing clicks and 205 added pages to print for anyone who would dare do so…

I have always maintained that this is one of the main reasons they never offered a printed version of the manual they knew from the start it would need to be seriously revised.

For all of us who have some experience (and the seasoned experts) with previous versions of Cubase who throw out the RTFM line because we know this is (was) well explained, I might suggest you check it out in the new manual yourself beforehand - you might find it is not as well explained as in previous manuals (or even omitted).