Anyone kow how to change a VST Categorisation ?

Afternoon all… So, here’s the issue.

Just upgraded everything, Windows 8 64bit, 130GB SSHD (C:) and C7 of course.

I purchased a couple of arps recently (as I just don’t seem to be able to get the old creative juices flowing with the bundled stuff) Catanya and Kirnu. Basically Catanya never worked and after a little reading I realised I had to bridge it, which I’ve done using J-Bridger… very useful tool for those that have not heard of it, I got use of PSP Vintage Warmer, PSP84 and The Glue back using it too… anyway, I digress…

So Catanya opens now but only as an Insert effect, you probably all know this but Catanya\Kirnu need to be opened as a VST instrument from the ‘VST Instruments’ option in the ‘Devices’ sub-menu. I noticed the Kirnu is there, along with all of my soft synths but Catanya is not. I opened the ‘Plug-in Information’ option, also under the ‘Devices’ sub-menu and can see that my soft synths and Kirnu are categorised as ‘Instrument’ and Catanya is categorised as ‘FX’ along with all the other FX that I have. Does anyone know how I can change the categorisation of a VST to allow me to be able to use this? I’ve had a look through the operation manual but nothing is jumping out at me.

Cheers in advance for any assistance.


C’mon boys and girls, I know someone out there is sitting on the answer! :smiley: