Anyone Memba Steinberg "Free Filter"?

Probably a long shot here, but does anyone have the PC version of “Free Filter” working in Cubase 6? And if so, how did you get it to work :question: Thanks for any directions. :confused:

PS What’s a good plugin to use instead of Free Filter?

was free filter the eq that took a snapshot of a song and allowed user to impose that curve on another song? izotope ozone can do this “match eq” thing.

Yes pretty much. It was that Linear Phase 1/3 Octave Equalizer Plugin that would learn a file mix of your liking, match it with your file and morph it to your liking. i thought this plug was very nice by Spectral Design. i think that Ver 1.2 was the last update, then Steinberg did not support it anymore for PC :cry: . i think it’s just sad that you purchase these plugs and gear that really work, then the companies stop supplying drivers for their products for newer Operating Systems which then forces you to upgrade and most times you cannot afford to. And on top of that, the plugs still work good on the older OS :exclamation: Oh well…what can you do :question: Thanks for replying.

Yes, I remember “Free Filter”, I used it back then. Do you know if there is something similar on the market today?

oi! read my reply above!! ozone 4.
also, tc assimilator but that may be powercore only?

Can’t be done without a DX-VST Wrapper.
It was also part of the much loved (by me) Mastering Edition too.
Sadly it was one of 2 tools that were DirectX only, and never ported to VST.

Closest was Voxengo’s Curve EQ, but only in certain aspects.

izotope ozone 5 just released. they claim to have made the “match eq” easier to use… demo is available.

iZotope Ozone?
Thanks, but no thanks!!

hi neil; it’s good enough for many pros and the top magazine reviewers (AND me!). ED

Ooooops! i goofed! :laughing: i meant Windows 7 :blush: But i guess it would still be the same scenario needing a DX-VST wrapper; correct :question: Anyone know where i can find one? Hopefully for free at this point in time! Want to use it in Wavelab Elements 7. Thanks. :sunglasses:

I’m sure it is.
I could just never get to grips with it, and I tried.
It’s very, very hard to explain why too - it just does something that I don’t like much.
I find I get better results with the stuff I use.

I use this:

32 or 64 Bit version available …

i find the key to ozone is to use only what you need. i’ve never used the reverb or the exciter. but there must be people out there who always do…
one of the main things for me is using it in sony cd architect. it lacks vst plugin support so i cant use my uad stuff. but i can bung ozone onto each clip and adjust non-destructively for every song. works very well.

Please, where can i get Free Filter to download?
I mean, I need program that allows me to copy a frequency spectrum from a speech to a couple of others.
But even if I try to BUY Free Filter, I just can not find it any where…

Please, could you help me?

Maybe something from Voxengo that learns?

There is a MAC version, still investigating where to find the PC version.

Look for unsupported products under the download section, there are 2 vst classic download packages, good chance that freefilter is there.

classics vol 2

Also a final tip, with your elisencer you can activate about any cubase version (inlcuding the older ones), maybee installing an older version gives you the old plugs ass well?

Its there for PC too…under legacy plug-ins.

Mroekalea…the links you provided only give 2 VST’s in Classics 1 and 2 in Classics 2. Quite lame! But under ftp there is lots to choose from.