Anyone on apple silicon with big project, Softube console 1 is not functioning well..?

So whenever my audio tracks count around 100~200, the softube console 1 is not acting right?

I insert it on any, (I have updated to the latest) it turns on,
the display is on normally, but if I click on shape, equalizer etc,
it does not do anything.

But strange enough, when I open new project with 3 audio tracks for instance,
console 1 is working like charm.

My cubase is 12 pro, on mac studio apple silicon, installed the latest softube plugins of mine.

Anyone having similar issue…?

So actually haha… I copied and pasted the whole project to Mac Mini intel model,
still console 1 is acting just like above lol

I don’t know what to do… so for now, I cannot use Console 1…