Anyone on Win7 64bit with Cubase 6 NOT getting dropouts?

Please list your system spec here!

Firewire interface


i7 920 OC’d to 3.4 ghz
12 gigs OCZ ram
Gigabyte GAX58 UD-5 v1
NVidea 8800gt
OCZ Revodrive SSD for OS
Samsung spin point F3’s for audio/samples/backup

Works perfectly with on board T.I. FW and I’ve just dropped a cheap TI PCIe card in from ebay as a backup and it runs 100% on that too.


i5 660
Gigabyte H55-UD3H
Kouwell FW (TI chip)

I have just tested my MR816csx with the Cubase 6 demo but so far so good…


Works great on several machines, including my main Cubase rig. The main thing is to use a TI-based firewire card and make sure there are no other DPC latency spikes (use the following tool to make sure your system is spike-free: )

My main Cubase rig is your now-standard-level i7 machine, nothing special, other than it works beautifully: i7 920 OC’d to 3.2GHz, 12 GB RAM, Asus P6T, several WD Caviar Black hard drives (boot, project, samples1, samples2) nVidia Quadro FX graphics card, TI-based firewire card (don’t recall what model, but I have several different TI-based PCI and PCIe cards in different machines, and they all work well with the MR816X and N12).

Works beautifully. No dropouts all day long. I go 12+ hours sessions without a single problem, no reboots, no glitches, no dropouts, hammering the system with tons of plugins. It amazes me every day.

Can’t wait to see how the next generation of chips will do. But for now the i7+X58 chipset (LGA 1366) is still astonishing, even though other more recent consumer chipsets have been released. I believe the X58 is still king of the DAWs among DAW builders (unless you go dual-socket workstation/server/enterprise class). I’m waiting for the next “X” level chipset before I upgrade again. I believe the next one will be called “X68” due late this year or early next year. From the rumors I’ve heard it will have quad-channel DDR3 compared to the triple-channel of X58, and it will support the new high-end “Sandy Bridge E” chips. My guess is those will be the DAWs to beat at the end of the year and in 2012.

Meanwhile, the price of hexacore i7 processors (i7-970) is dropping rapidly, so that is a possible upgrade as well. You won’t need a new motherboard for these.

No dropouts at all. See my spec.

Also see my post regarding fix your MR816 problems.


Working great (demo version; waiting for the upgrade to be shipped) with my new stock HP desktop computer HPE 580t. Only thing I customized was to add a second hard drive, everything else stock. I believe it has an Intel motherboard. Processor is i7-950, with 8GB RAM. The Firewire is onboard and if I understand my device manager correctly, it’s the Via chipset, not the TI. Running moderate projects at 64 samples without problems. I also did install the latest driver from the Steinberg site.

There really wasn’t much to tune either; I did the power management thing (high performance) and set priority to background services. Uninstalled a couple of the crapplets. I did look at DPC latency, which is very steady around 100 usec no matter what I do. Surprisingly, it’s a higher figure than what I get on my XP laptop (around 35 usec), but I conclude that it’s just different on W7. For example, I couldn’t run my laptop at 64 samples.

Yep! Had loads of dropouts and traced it to my LAN / Wireless card. Diconnected it and uninstalled the drivers… hey presto no more dropouts! Who needs internet on a DAW anyway? :smiley:

no dropouts on my end

gigabyte x58 ud3
core i7 920
mr 816x
12 gb ddr3 gskill ram

See my sig’s mobile rig spec. I had to disable my onboard LAN to get dropouts to go away. Since then I’ve been running great. I recorded a 80 minute live performance @ 16 tracks, no problemo. In production with quite a few plugs, like maybe 35, no problems.