Anyone out there running Mac Lion with MR816?

Just curious if there are people running iMac OSX10.7 Lion with the MR816CSX. I do have difficulties running them on my new iMac i5 27" (quad core)
Most users probably have not upgraded right?

If there are users running this gear without problems, my iMac may be defective.

When I bought my new MacBook Pro a month ago I had to boot OS-X Lion with 32-bit kernel in to get thing to work. As you can see here:

With the latest drivers, a 64-bit kernel is supported. Do you have the latest drivers?

Well yesterday what caused the unstable connection : The latest version of Cubase6 (6.0.4)

After ’ downgrading’ to version 6.0.3 the problems are gone… so not always the latest is the best :wink:

yes and no, on my macbook pro unibody 2009 model it is running successfully. I did perform an upgrade to get Lion on this operating system and not a clean install. This is a x64 bit operating system.

On my mac pro desktop, even though it worked fine on this hardware in Snow Leopard, after I reinstall from installation of MR TOols, I get a “Failed to Initialize” Message. This happens with the previious set of drivers as well as the 9-30-2011 release. Tried in both x32 & x64 installations. FAILED! Steinberg needs new driver coders. Go borrow some from RME.

It still turned out to be extremely ‘fragile’ connection with many outages.
I choose to go back to PC (i7) Windows7 64bit) and sold my brandnew iMac.
Now it’s running rock-solid and it feels sooooo good!!

My osx lion works well with cubase 6.0.4. Although the direct monitoring is greyed out! Anyone got a solution?

This is not good reading. If I can’t use the MR816CSx with direct monitoring onac Osx Lion then does anyone want to buy my MR816CSX!?!? I’m serious too, offers?

I also have an RME Babyface so I assume I can use that with total mix/zero latency?


You can´t do ASIO direct monitoring on Mac, monitoring directly / zero latency via your MR 816CSX should work though (in a similar way as totalmix - check your manuals)

Ye that’ll be what that MR utility is for now that I think about it. Never used it but will check it out later.



Ps. Anyone got expeience with MBOX Pro and cubase? The soft limiting, no clipping feature looks very useful

Ok, I have the MR816x and have been running fine as long as this unit has been available.

I recently upgraded to Lion, downloaded the new drivers… Turned on Cubase and everything was a go

I began recording right away and everything seemed fine. Then I went to save my session in Cubase and when I did all of a sudden my earphone monitors stopped working completely.

I have turned the system on and off, restarted the iMac…re installed the drivers…restarted again and still no Earphone monitors…the main speaker monitors work fine both in Cubase and with Cubase off and just running Itunes but still no earphones???

Can someone help please!

Do an MR816 rest, then reinstall the latsest drivers. That will fix it I think.