Anyone remember if this is normal or optimal XP behavior?

HI -

Booting up and running my Cubase test file adds about 1.2 GB to the Total Commit (Task Manager), and reduces the Physical Memory Available by that amount as well. The remaining Physical Memory Available is more than 1GB. My Physical Memory Total is about 2.68GB, and the idling Physical Memory Available is about 2.4 GB (this last # by memory, may be off, but it’s close to the 2.68 GB). The idling Commit amount and PF usage are very low. All this seems reasonable to me.

What I don’t understand though is why when I run my test project the Page File Usage also increases by about the same amount, to about 1.3-1.4 GB. My understanding is that the PF would only grow significantly if there were not enough physical memory available.

Wondering if whether the PF being accessed might be contributing to high CPUs, and since it seems I have enough RAM (based on the Physical Memory Available amount during the test project run), I tried to manipulate it: I set its value to min=max=100MB, rebooted - but these commands seem to be ignored, the PF Usage still goes up to 1.3-1.4 GB when I run my project.

Thanks in advance very much for any thoughts on this -


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