Anyone running C7 on Snow Leopard?

I just installed C7 on my 10.6.8 system, seems to be running dandy after the first tests, and I would rather NOT upgrade to Mountain Lion.
But I was wondering if any of you Ladies and Gentlemen are also running it on Snow Leopard and have run into any issues, after all Steiny says it’s not supported for Snow Leopard any more…

Yes! works perfectly! Well at least as perfect as the previous versions. I upgraded my entire studio from 32 bit to 64 bit when installing CB7. Many plugs are still in 32 bit. Most will run through the bridge. I do also have VePro and that gives a little better GUI on 32 bit in 64 bit CB 7 than the bridge. You should however be aware that not all old plugs will show in CB 7. Most companies are upgrading their plugs to 64 bit, but if you have a plug soo old that it is not supported anymore, well that might not work. Thus plugs like Broomstick Bass and Wizoo convolution reverb won’t show in CB 7, that goes for both 32 and 64.