anyone running c8 on an iMac 5k?

Hi guys,

Since the announcement of C8 and the reported Mac performance improvements, I’m once again tempted to return to the mac side (I worked on it for over a decade before switching over to Nuendo 2/Cubase SX on the PC).
I’ve always much preferred the Mac as an OS and way of working, but performance issues pulled me over to the PC, and despite trying the mac again 2 years ago the performance of Cubendo just wasn’t there.
And this was more noticeable to me on the GUI side than anything else.

However, both C8 and the recent iMac 5K have me pondering whether a switch is worth it.
The gigantic screen space and new features/improvements of C8 have me wondering…

So, is there anyone here running it on an iMac 5K (at the highest screen resolution) and what are your findings…how is scrolling around a big session, and GUI feedback in general?
Would love to hear your thoughts…