Anyone running Cu6 on Win7 x64 w/digi 002r?

Thought I’d try this tact… If anyone else is running Cu6 (on Win7 x64 w/digi002r as their main interface), I’d love to know what you’ve done to get it to work. I’m using legacy drivers for the firewire interface with Win7. Everything in my system works fine in CuSX3, just turns to sludge on Cu6 x32. I’m testing asio4all on my laptop today (w/MBox2 on Win7 x64). Can’t get to the desktop till later today…

Desktop pc
CPU: core i3
OS: Win 7 x64
Interface: Digi 002 Rack (Firewire)
Pro Tools 8 LE 8.0.5 drivers

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!