Anyone running Cubase on a Mac using Windows + Parallels

Hi, Anyone running Windows Cubase on a Mac using Windows + Fusion/Parallels?

Thinking about getting a Mac PB, but needed some reassurance about performance on a Mac using Parallels.

Currently running i7 PC 2700 @3.5Ghz and would like to be able to match thaty on a Mac PB.

In case your’re wondering:

  • Want a Mac PB to have options for Mac only software

  • Can’t go to Mac completely because too much invested in Windows and I’m happy :^)

Thanks in advance.

I would say: just forget it :wink:

Tried Sonar X3, FL Studio some time before in Fusion … unusable. Completely. Bad bad bad bad Audioperformance.

When I really need an Windows Audio App — > Bootcamp.



Thanks Alex, that’s what I meant. Was asking is it possible to get great Windows emulation performance on any virtualisation software using a Mac? So from what your saying Bootcamp is will give me this?


Ahm … never heard about bootcamp? :astonished: That simply means: you install Windows 7 or 8 as second Operating System on your mac … no emulation. Pure Windows on your Mac hardware … pure native power :slight_smile:

There is an Bootcamp Assistant on your Mac … that shrinks your partition without data loss, creates a windows partition, installs windows (you need a separate, Windows license of course).

Have a look here:

Best of both worlds. :mrgreen:

Great thanks! Anyone succesffully running Cubase on Bootcamp?

Ahm … yes. I do, for instance. :wink:

But … makes no sense for me. I like it more on the Mac … for my taste, windows gui is ugly … really ugly (the OS itself). :mrgreen: … I use it just as a DirectX runtime for some games :smiley:



PS: Btw … yes for my opinion Windows is ugly and really bad designed … but I make my money with this OS (mostly server systems, Exchange, Networking …) … as a certified Microsoft pro since 1995 … I really know this OS, inside out … and I really hate it at home :mrgreen: