Anyone solved the Aero glow text problem yet?

I am talking of the Glow around the Windows text (File, Edit, Project, Audio etc menus)

See I already have a glow around text due to my poor eyesight, text tends to jump around like a jumping bean often, this makes it much harder to read.

I know there are ways of lessening the damage, but has anyone actually succeeded in obliterating the feature?

I trawled the web, nothin.


Not from what I have learned. It seems possible in Win 8 but not without a lot of work in Win 7:

I have had fairly good success by turning transparency off + reducing the color intensity in Aero settings. Gives you somewhat of a grey border - but it really does not look that bad. Much easier to read in my opinion.


Seek and ye shall find

Is it really too much to search for a topic before posting?

No. That topic WILL NOT get rid of the glowing fonts.
I tried it. They will still glow or “bloom”. Grim’s post has it right. It doesn’t get rid of it, it just shows how to hide it if you are willing to use a light colored menu bar.
But if you want to stay with a dark colored menu bar, there is no getting rid of the glow.

To be fair, the steps in that link only lessen the effect in Windows 7, it does not remove it - as the OP said.

Agreed, and the “fix” will “work” as described. Whether or not you’re willing to accept the trade offs is another thing entirely.
Don’t get me wrong, I hope they fix this properly too, but I’m not holding my breath, at least not for W7. So, as long as this is not addressed, and as long as I intend to use W7, I do whatever I can to minimize this otherwise horrible glowing effect. I should point out that the PC in question, in my case. is exclusively reserved for running Cubase and WaveLab, so the impact of the lighter window header is not paramount.

BTW, the problem is not the Menubar, but rather the fact they are not using a proper menu bar and instead using the Window Header (usually, typically reserved for just an Appname) as a menu bar. Perhaps this is changed in future windows, and thus a reason why they might not bother addressing this issue in W7.