Anyone still having latency delay?

This might help some:

I haven’t looked at it and don’t know how much or if it just does the same as Cubase does anyway but I thought it interesting enough to mention even if it turns out it doesn’t help.

Latency Delay is an auxiliary AU and VST plugin which allows you to
compensate latency produced by any audio plug-ins, instruments and
processes which produce latency but do not try to report it to the
host. Latency Delay introduces 10000 samples latency itself and
delays the audio signal by 10000 minus the specified amount of
samples or milliseconds. Please note that audio host application
should support the latency compensation itself for this plug-in to
function properly.

Aloha c,

I only have grade three piano chops but after learning and becoming primarily
a MIDI guitarist I have had to deal with the latency issue from both ends for many years.

Both from the front end (the Midi guitar which has its own latency probs)
and the the computer end.

From my POV most audio and MIDI interfaces and computers and OSes
have gotten so much better over the years and that latency probs
can now be handled very effectively.

Older gear as Steve posted, can be more problematic.

Being older than dirt myself in my youth every Saturday morning
I was lucky to be able to go down the street to the local Catholic church
(and am I am not even Catholic) and play (fool around) on their real pipe organ. (thanks guys)

Talk about latency. A real pipe organ will learn ya about latency.

Try playing in time while your feet are pedaling low notes.
It takes time for that air to get up the pipe and sound out music.

But it is an art which can be learned (playing ahead) and I believe that earlier
experience helps me today using the MIDI protocol on guitar.

All in all IMHO things are much much better than before regarding latency.

And I believe Steiny makes some 0 latency gear. Or close to 0.


I know this can be a major headache for drummers in particular… most of the rest of us have learned to compensate for it as curteye says but being an ex drummer myself i can completely understand… but also as curteye stated, modern machines and interfaces can have latencies so low now as to be pretty much non-existent… that was one of the prime reasons for me choosing a PCIe RME interface… we very often trigger BFD2 from a yamaha TD20K electronic kit and John HATES latency!!! i can get right down to 32samples with the multiface and even he’s happy with it @44.1… at 96k it gets to below one millisecond! lol
We always monitor through cubase too as the system gives low latencies even with a high ASIO load and RME interfaces prioritise incoming audio so even the odd crackle and pop doesn’t make it onto what’s being tracked so no real need for external reverb units etc…
Cubase still compensates for individual plugin delay too though as they all have different latencies… UAD used to provide a tool for this as some of theirs have some pretty bad latency… not needed any more now though!
So basically yeah we still get delay but it’s so small it’s pretty much irrelevant now :smiley: