Anyone still having Mixer issue in 7.04

Anyone having mixer issue again. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. I still have the audio glitch that was in 7.03 when you go from record window to mixer the audio drops out for a split sec also when dropping inserts into a channel the on button goes out and you can not do anything with the plugin this did not happen in 7.03? you have to close cubase restart it and then it works this is happening all the time but the audio glitch is doing my head in. It’s not good when you are recording someone then you switch to the mixer and POP audio glitch. And just to make totally sure it was not me my mate has just upgraded to 7.04 and guess what he is having the same issues as me??? This JUST should not happen not when it should have been tested this time before sending it out. Well to tech support I go

Add another log on the fire