Anyone successfully using lanes in 9.5.1?

I have been unable to use lanes for comping in 9.5.1 in 9.0 all is normal. The lanes are there with waveforms visible but the main track is blacked out as are unused parts of lanes. Using windows 10 latest build. Is anyone able to use lanes in9.5.1?

I have and it seems to work as expected. I will do a little more testing tomorrow. I do have Win10 (1703) and 9.5.1

thanks balinas… I’m on windows build 10.0.16299

Sorry that version is 1709 build 16299.192 which was installed on 7th December. The Cubase maintenance update 9.5.1 was released on the 12th December.

Lanes and comping are working on my machine. I am not sure where to help you proceed from here.

Thanks for checking. I am not getting very much further either on the forum or from Steinberg. I have a tracking session next week and this will make it very difficult.

Trash the preferences, or start cubase in safe mode.

I’ll try that - appreciate the help!

Always a very excellent suggestion.

I thank you. I will post the outcome.


Can post what graphics card you use?

I’m having same problem.

Not just the lanes but also if you make a selection in Sample editor is all black.
All sorts of graphical problems with latest Cubase and also Halion.

I suspect it’s a combination of Cubase (or Halion), Windows 10 and older graphic cards which are not officially supported by W10.
(for example Intel HD 3000 in my case)

It’s the internal graphics on intel mobo which may well be hd3000 . Problem not there on Cubase 9.0 tho.

Yes starting in safe mode and trashing preferences seems to have worked ! Thanks !

Spoke too soon!! Issue is back again!

I have the same issue, reset preferences , updated evrything, got rid of old plugins and still no track. Its useless without proper visual of tracks

Can either of you post a pic of this? Take a pic of the entire Cubase window and link it or attach it to your post, so people can see the toolbar settings.

Heres a screen shot

Sorry , here is a better one

I am also running an Intel HD2000 display card, this could be the issue, I also have graphics issues with the VST guitar amp

PROBLEM SOLVED :slight_smile:

I installed a new graphics card an NVidia GT710 and all is good now. Thanks to misohoza who suggested the Intel HD graphics were suspect. The HD 2000 cards in my case were the problem.