Anyone test Nektar Panorama with Cubase 9 yet?

Just curious if its working as should without a Panorama update?

Yes. My Panorama P6 is working flawlessly in Cubase 9 Pro, and with an added feature: I can now switch it on after starting Cubase if I wish, and it will be detected without problems (in Cubase 8, I had to turn the Panorama on before opening Cubase if I wanted it to be initialized).


Happy Panorama P6 user here. :slight_smile:

yes. yes! YES!!! The did it??? They implemented USB plug’n’play? :astonished: AAAHHH!
oops, sorry! need to change my pants! :blush: :mrgreen:

works fine here

Have you noticed if the Panorama is more stable in C9? My P4 can lose its controller ability if I do certain editing in C8.5 . It would be great if all I needed to do was turn off the Panorama and restart ( at the moment I would need to restart Cubase).