Anyone try the 'VST Connect SE' thang yet?

Aloha guys.

Just wondering if any two users here have had a chance
to try out this feature?


The demo in the video does not give much away in terms of the quality one can expect… nor does it look all that easy to set up… I’d love to hear how people are managing with this… and if it is viable on the LAN

You can’t use this SE version locally (LAN), only WAN.
Sound quality is just fine, with up to 384 kBit/sec. Don’t take audio quality in the tutorial video as a measure, it’s actually much better.
Setup it’s just a few steps more (inserting the plugins) than setting up a recording session with a control room and a studio booth. And there is a template to start with.

Forgive me, but I thought the whole point was getting the PCM wav files directly into my project from the remote connection? If not, what’s the point with this? Integrated Skype? If I must get/transfer the full rez files after the session anyway, I frankly don’t get this. But then again, many have called me stupid before. :question:

If you’re doing this with some hi-end friends/colleagues/contemporaries, then they probably have all the right gear their side. You might even get, dare i say it, productive…!!

If not, then why shouldn’t this be (if it works as stated/implied) a bit of collaboarative/hobbyist/gimmicky fun…? What’s ‘wrong’ with that…? Not for you…? Ok, move on…

If I can get dual channel ISDN type line quality, I’d be more than happy - suits some of the (BBC) radio/voiceover work I’ve been doing…

Not upset; just reacting to the somewhat sniffy, dismissive attitude… :wink:

These Internet days, I often get files for remixes and other productions as low as 128 kbit. In many cases, vocals is perfectly fine to use, if what you get is recorded on quality gear with a good engineer. 320kbit files should be great in many cases.

I’ve also had 24bit wav files which sounded like crap. So It’s really often a matter of the source of the files, how they’re made. Of cause, the trained ear would like to have the best uncompressed file format. But less can get you a long way, especially when you think of your music probably is going to be played back on a smartphone or tablet :slight_smile:


The main feature for VST Connect is the delay compensation isn’t? With Skype is impossible to make a remote record if you’ve to send a playback for instance.

I mentioned this in another post somewhere, but to reiterate…
I’ve seen this (technique) in use (well not VST Connect but something similar) on one of the Alan Parsons ASSR DVDs. Alan was tracking in LA, the singer was singing in his private studio (or perhaps livingroom?) in NY.

This feature, albeit still in baby shoes, is going to be the next big thing in DAWs. Pick and choose your favorite control/mixing room to work in. Pick and choose in what recording facility you want to track the band - got a specific location with fantastic acoustics for the vocals or drums. This is one of tha last problems finally being surmounted.

DAW software made it possible for virtually anyone to have a full recording, mixing mastering suite on their PC- ergo, to use in their own living room, bedroom or personal Project studio. VST Connect will allow freedom from a single specific studio and give us the ability to create a virtual studio from any set of locations anywhere in the world, will allow live recording collaborations between artists anywhere in the world.

At the moment this is all in the developing stages, even the name VST Connect SE would seem to indicate, with the SE appendage, that future versions (of the standalone) might not be free when this really takes off .

Steinberg pioneered in numerous standards - ASIO, VST, VSTis, etc. This is definitely going to be the next major advance!


+1000 Without a doubt you are correct that this will be the next big thing. In fact, I will go as far as saying businesses and services will be created because of this.

The Alan Parsons ASSR series mentioned was actually a great inspiration for VST Connect, which is more specifically targeted to do exactly this job. Some of the differences to the product shown there are that you can actually send a cue (headphone) mix to the artist who doesn’t require a DAW or project files etc, but just the free VST Connect Performer application. This, along with the remote control feature, allows him to do just his job hands-free, like in the real studio.
And as for “SE” and full resolution recording and… - sure, there is more to come :slight_smile:

I think VST connect could be a great thing. Very forward thinking of Steinberg imo. I know Reaper does something like this but when I checked it out it looked like a pita to set up. Simple is best

Some people have been using Source Connect for Protools for a few years and I always thought it was a great idea but last time I checked it was expensive, It cost more than Cubase does. :astonished:

What a wonderful time we live in

I’m afraid I’m a biz oriented jerk here.

If I am steinberg, I’m putting the “SE” thing as free to test the market before I launch the “Pro” version to charge you guys for 50bucks / 50euro .

Don’t get me wrong, if the whole idea is work, it worth to pay the extra if you have that (.wav in 44.1-192kH) particular needs.

If I were you, I will cut straight to ask them " I need that in full resolution , how much should I pay and when?"


Know that most -if not all- of the remote ISDN connections used today don’t have better quality than mp2-256kBit.
If you really want to have better quality and/or want to sync up two DAW’s, then you need to look at ISDN lines and mp2 codecs, or Source Connect. In both cases you will have to upload/exhange the PCM files after the recording session and replace the LowFi tracking with the PCM files. And you will be looking at a price tag many times the value of Cubase. It’s just a matter of setting priorities …


Yes, there should be a cached wave for all the previews, than sync everything’s up after the tracking is done.

And, the “pro” may involve multi takes and multi track functionalities. That’s what really cool about. They also gonna launch some kind of hardware linkage product like the digidesign offered years ago.

I should be very interested to see whether this will function in a multisession mode - i.e. multiple instances running simultaneously in order to track more than one artist in different locations.
That will be interesting. Hopefully one will not require a Cray!

but Cubase on a Cray??!!

I’ll take two please.

This is something I think is one of the coolest features. When working on a score there are times I’d want to use a musician that is elsewhere in the country. Before this required some hefty protools hardware but now Steinberg has made it much easier. I can’t wait to test this!


because of stereo?