Anyone use 96KHz and 4096 Buffer size utilizing DANTE on a 64X64 network?

Hi everyone.

My projects are at 96KHz. I use the RedNet PCIEr Dante interface card and everything works fine except for projects that have many in-line high latency plugins (Soothe2, Spiff, Ozone, GullFoss, Nectar, etc). During live recording I turn off delay compensation and run at a low Buffer size, but during mixdowns it doesn’t matter what the latency is. Unfortunately, my current card tops out at a Buffer size of 2048 at 96KHz. Does anyone have experience with any Dante interface (PC or external) that will provide a 4096 Buffer on a minimum of 64X64 channels at 96KHz? I have found the Marian Clara E PC interface card that I believe offers this: Does anyone have experience with this card or any other that does?

Thank you in advance for any help!

This has not gotten any response so I’ll ask a related question: Has anyone knowledge of whether or not the RME Digiface Dante can be daisy chained into a second RME Digiface Dante so that Cubase would be able to access 64X64 at 96KHz?

Thanks for any help!

OK, so to answer your questions which are no doubt of of the type: “Whey don’t you ask RME and Marian this question?” Answer: I have multiple times and gotten no response. I will say I had a nice email stream with Marian tech support but have gotten no reponse from the one and only USA distributor, so I am hesitant to spend the money for the Marian Clara e card when I can’t seem to find anyone in the USA that would actually sell me one.

Since I am using Cubase 12 (for now at least), and since Cubase 12 seems to be bloated and on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to optimization and performance, I thought I would ask here, at the source. My system is an overclocked 13900KS (6.1 GHz all P cores, 4.5 GHz all e cores); 64 Gigs, 6400 DDR5 running XMP at tier 2; and all SSD’s are Samsung 980 Pro nvme’s. I am using a 420mm AIO cooler and the system itself is cool and smooth. I have NEVER had a crash. The only problem is I need a larger buffer than 2048 when running at 96KHz at 64x64 channels.

Any help on any of this would be helpful, but I’m not holding my breath on it.

I’ve seen some folks with Dante rigs chatting on the Music Computers forum on Gearspace. Your question isn’t really relevant to a particular brand of DAW so I suggest posting there. You may get a more worthwhile response (or even any response at all).
You could also try on the Nuendo forum here.

I have the Yamaha aic card and an Rme digiface dante. I work at 48k though. Maybe you can send me your project and I could do a test.

I purchased a Marian Clara E card from Thomann and it allows me to select 8192 samples for the buffer at 96KHz in Cubase 12 running under Windows 11 on the MSI Godlike Z790 MB. Now I can run many many channels and sub groups and mix busses and main buss with many high latency plugins such as Soothe2, Spiff, Gullfoss, Ozone, Nectar in series, and others no problem. I use direct monitoring while recording and I disable delay compensation and use a lower buffer setting so all is good in the Cubase universe now.