Anyone use a chromatic harmonica here?

I just bought a Hohner 270BX-C Super Chromonica C for $115 at Amazon, “list price” $220 (lol). Gets delivered Monday. It’s not top of the line, but it looks and sounds nice (went to Guitar Center to see one).

I guess I’ll use my stage dynamic mic for recording it rather than the condenser. I doesn’t need to sound real “dirty”, it’s just for background stuff. Maybe one day I’ll get one of those cool sounding retro-looking harmonica mics for stage !

Really bummed - my Hohner Chromatic arrived from Amazon today, I took it out of the packaging envelope, and then I noticed that the seal on the box had been opened. :frowning:

So I sent it back. If it were a power cord or even something like a DI box, OK maybe no big deal. But the thought of using a harmonica that someone else MAY have tested out … I just couldn’t handle that.

Am I too finicky?

Right now, here in England, you can’t eat a burger without wondering if part of it raced in the Grand National. You be as careful as you want and feel happy about what you’ve paid for. :wink:

With over 7 Billion people on the planet, it’s getting harder feed everyone, so I guess if your food has a pet-a-gree, one could rest assured that it was well taken care of while romping on all four. :unamused:

So I buy beef and get horse…I should say nothing?
But if I buy a sequencer that doesn’t sequence properly…I can get onto a site where everyone complains!

When I can’t afford beef I’ll happily pay for horse. Right now I’m paying beef prices for a horse so some faceless liar can make a profit, not save the world. :unamused: :wink:

Man ‘O’ Man Trev, I’ll have to wait a bit so you all can get the food thing sorted before I come over. In the mean time, if we feel the need, we can join in on the sequencer complaints :laughing: (though it’s not our style) and remember, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. :mrgreen:

Back on topic.

Monday in Seattle, I saw a busker, on the waterfront, playing a gut-bucket, singing and a Chrometta 10 on a neck brace. He was pretty busy with the gut-bucket so he never pushed the button and I didn’t get a chance to evaluate whether the ‘click-clack’ was audible against the music. He had heart and was fun to listen to. :ugeek: