Anyone Use AIWA AI (or other music AI) within or outside of Cubase?

FYI for those new to this, AIWA’s discerption is “The Artificial Intelligence composing emotional soundtrack music.”

As with the whole AI explosion, any AI will be supplanted with bigger-better versions. There are a couple of others out there, but AIWA seems to be one of the most comprehensive and tweakable.

One can safely say that Cubase is already so sophisticated, why need or use AI, right? But it sure may be tempting to see what something like AIWA can create. Music is in part and literally creative math, so AI would seem to be a good adjunct tool.

Frankly, I haven’t taken the plunge yet because I already can get overwhelmed nitpicking my non-AI original compositions.

I’m still curious how this kind of technology is affecting us sonic creators for most of the media coverage focuses on text-to-image, text-to-video, etc.

For a basic run-through on using the free version of AIWA, this covers the basics.
Created by a non-musician but does the job.