Anyone use cubase 12 under win 7?

Hi guys, anyone running on win 7 anc cubase 12? It works? Thanx

This is not supported, the minimum version is Windows 10 21H2. Even if it would start under Windows 7 you will get no help if there is any kind of issue and no guarantee that all functions will behave as expected.

Hi, yes I know but I’d lik to know if someone here have any experience under win 7 with cub 12

Why do you want to?

I loved Windows 7 but, time moves on. You know you can activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7 “key”, right?

Before my new build I was running Cubase 11 Pro on my Windows 7 Ultimate machine and it rocked! But like Scab_Pickens says time moves on…so now I’m on a new Win 11 Pro machine…128gb DDR5 ram, i9-12900k, Asus ProArt Z690 board…new audio and midi interfaces(Presonus Quantum 2626 and MOTU Midi Express XT), 2 out of 4 M2 SSD’s installed and 4 Sata drives as well as an external…19tb all together :slight_smile: I’m still reinstalling things but I’m up and running with Cubase 11 Pro and Wavelab 11 Pro. Don’t thinkI’m going back :wink:

I do miss the no nonsense Win 7 but this new machine is a beast! I’ll just have to live with the newer windows problems…driver removals, activation removals, etc.

Give a thought to upgrading!