Anyone use Expression Maps with VSL instruments Pro?

I’m struggling along to try to use Cubase 7.5 in my latest project. Here is the problem:
I use a Clarinet from VSL wood wind library. I program my expression map to correspond with the key switches in the instrument. By default some of the patches ex. portato short is selected by a key (C0) + CC1 (Mod Wheel). So I program the expression map according to that. When I record on the track I can select the patch via the keyswitches while I’m playing, and the Mod Wheel is also recorded. But when the seq is stopped I can’t select any of the patches via the Mod Wheel it’s not getting through to the instrument.
After the record the Mod Wheel is showing up in the CC1 lane but it doesn’t work all the time!
I find myself spending a lot of time to check if the system works as expected.

Is anyone using the same setup?
Can you get the VSL Instrument to receive mod wheel when the seq is stopped and the track is armed?
Is it working properly for you?

Regards Stig

I use expression maps with VSL, however, I use CCs to change articulations. Within VIP, you can change the method that will change arts., such as keyswitch, pitch wheel, etc. I suggest in your case to change it to keyswitch, that way, you won’t have to worry about the mod wheel.

I use KS to change articulation. in VIP this is the default way to switch between the vertical articulations, and CC1 will switch between the patches in the horisontal row.
But somewhere else in this forum, I was told that there is a bug in version 7, that will prevent the right expression from being selected when the seq. is stopped. I will wait for next version!