Anyone use halion that comes stock with cubase?

:sunglasses: does anyone use halion that comes stock with cubase. Am I missing something? This thing is pretty bad to be honest. I mean aside from the “Jesus piano” that’s what I call it because it seems all the Christian songs seem to use this sound, it’s actually the hybrid piano patch.

I don’t get it? What is usuable on this thing? It’s like a basic GM synth but worse. Why keep it in this great product?

I would really like to know who is using it

I’ve used some of the patches in a few songs.

I like the instrument for initial song sketches because the patches are well-organized allowing me to call them up quickly without hunting around. It’s also quite stable. Then when I’m done writing I replace the Halion Sonic SE patches with better ones. However, some work so well that I just leave them. Remember, it’s not how good a patch sounds on its own, but rather how good it sounds in the mix. Cheers…

I’ve noticed it doesn’t quite work right with GM drum patches - it loads a default patch on channel 10 and that’s it.