Anyone using 3 Vid Monitors on MAC?

ANYone using 3 Vid Monitors on MAC

I have some really strange crap going on, with windows going white , and weird gremlins. I am wondering does any one use 3 Video Monitors on MAC. 12 core

at wits end with NU 5.5.1.



No problems here.

works great here (on 2 3.33 6 core macs).

bobby, you need to put your system specs in your signature so we can see what’s going on.

Yes, I do but on 8 Core 2008 MacPro. No Probs with N 5.5.

Just bought a hexacore - following your advice Max. (Don’t want t even “go there” waiting for next MP).

But see you are on a 12 core? Are you running Lion or Snow?


that’s great news.

Update - Hexacore (under lion or snow, doesn’t matter in this particular issue) is fine with 3 monitors. I am using the factory graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5770) and an older extra card for the 3rd monitor (a GeForce GT 120 from an older MacPro). The 3 monitors are: 1 30" Apple cinema dual link (old style) and 2 23" Apple Cinemas (old style). The 30" is connected to the DVI hard output on the 5770. 1 23" to the mini-display port of same card, (using a single-link adaptor that came with the Mac) and the 2nd 23" to the GT 120. I tried a mini-display port dual-link adaptor ((£70) which failed to work with anything.

Now, all is, was, swimmingly good. But after back-grading the machine to Snow Leopard using a special Net Restore technique I found online, I have since discovered that Nuendo 5.5.0 was crashing frequently. Console seemed to be showing that it was the video engine that was crashing, even though I don’t run any video on that particular workstation. Odd I thought. I upgraded with hopes to 5.5.1 hotfix. Still no change in behaviour (although I looked in the Nuendo package and could see that the video bundle had a new version number compared to that inside 5.5.0.) I went back to 5.5.0 (I don’t like betas with professional projects).

My suspicion was that, PERHAPS my Hexacore did have some kind of firmware revision that was not completely ok with (or recognized by) 10.6.8 (which it did NOT ship with). Perhaps in the graphics area. Perhaps it was simply the card (the 5770).

My solution was to remove the video bundle from the Nuendo package. IT is perfect now, except I can;t run video on this workstation (which I don’t mind, but you might mind very much). (I may try removing the 5770 and replacing with a GTX 285 I have and see if the video bundle behaves better, when I have some downtime).

If I recall, Max, you bought your recent Macs before Lion was plonked inside them? So you may not suffer this at all, if my logic is anywhere near the truth on this. What I mean is, your motherboards etc are “Lion virgins”.

Best Wishes