Anyone using a Presonus Studiolive III Console in DAW mode with Cubase?


I was wondering if anyone has tried using the Presonus Studiolive console in DAW mode with Cubase. I see that Presonus has created a Mackie Control setup with Logic. It seems that it should work with Cubase in the same way.



I tried to set it up but have not been very successful so far.
I also seem to have some problems with the “standard” usb connection, output from computer to presonus works fine but no way I can get the inputs to work (From presonus to computer) Does this work for you?


Any news about this?

I have the faders of the console running with Cubase but the displays above the faders are a little confusing.
I can make the faders running with “Mackie Control” and “Mackie HUI”, with HUI the displays are not as much confusing as with “Mackie Control”

So i can already do a level mix but for futher mixing i need to use my ICON DAW-controllers.

What firmware version can be used in cubase?

I only just picked up my SL32 SC mixer and have the same questions. I;d really like to mix using my mixer. Using the faders just seems more natural coming from a live mixer perspective albeit form decades ago. Mixing in the box, although that’s how I’ve been doing it for at least a decade now is not my preferred way.

I just found a YouTube video of somebody using the Mackie Control . I’m still a bit confused about it though. If anybody has any experience with it, their knowledge would help out a lot. I’m really hoping that eventually when I’m mixing, and can use the motorized faders to their full potential.

Well, so far there is not much to report. I’m trying to get the Mackie Control to work with my Presonus Studiolive series 3 mixer buty for some reason, it doesn’t “see” the mixer.
Does anybody have any ideas about how to fix that?