Anyone using a Tab 3 - 8" , does it work ?

As per title ,does a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 8" work with Ic pro ?

Hi G-string,

You can download a 30-days trial version here:

Hi Carlos
I decided to bite the bullet and bought it :
Loaded on the Tab3 perfect , found the DAW after entering the IP address with no problem .

First attempt the faders would not move on the tab 3 and there was a white 20mm line at the top of the screen going horizontally all the way across .
Second attempt ,ie ,closed the ic pro and reopened and it worked perfect , just for the key commands it’s worth it and as i was playing i moved the tab 3 and the white line came back and the keypad became unresponsive so i repeated the second attempt and it worked as it should .
Great app brilliant for the key commands but just a little bit buggy at the moment , any plans for future updates ?