Anyone using a Touché SE in Cubase?

I’m thinking about getting a Touché SE and am wondering how well it works in Cubase 12.

Specifically I’d like to use it in (class compliant) standalone mode so as to avoid the (rather severe) limitations of Touché’s companion software Lié.

Ideally I’d like to be able to easily and flexibly map the four SE’s control axes (bottom, top, left, right) to any arbitray control of any VI. Has anyone been able to achieve this?


I expect it sends common MIDI CCs out. Then just sign the MIDI CCs to the Track Quick Controls and you are ready to go.

Or you can use the Focus Quick Controls the same way.

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Expressive E

Touché SE User Manual v.1

Page 6 of 36


top shifting : CC17 bottom shifting : CC16 left shifting is CC18 right shifting is CC19

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@BaseCu Yup, works perfectly. Here’s the video you need… 14 | Controlling orchestral libraries directly via MIDI CC | Touché Tutorials - YouTube

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Thank you for all the helpful replies. Cheers…