Anyone using Animoog?

I wonder if anyone has succesfully connected cubasis whith animoog? I have no problem with sunrizer and nanostudio, but with animoog I get a terrible distorted sound. Have someone else tryed?

I’ve tried …and failed. I’ll keep trying however as sometimes the order that you open the Apps, whether you have rebooted your iPad, or the polyphony and effects load can have an impact. I think Animoog is putting a heavy load on the system.

I have now got Cubasis to work with Animoog. I rebooted my iPad. Ran Cubasis first. Set track output to virtual midi in the inspector. Booted Animoog set it to Cubasis for midi in and omni until I got it working. Turned off unison and turned background audio on and it worked first time :slight_smile:

I then set Animoog to its own channel and all was well. I suspect however that its taking up a lot of resource.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, with some of the simplest presets in animoog there is just a little crackling sound. I would say that using animoog and cubasis with ipad 2 is not really possible, maybe with ipad 3?

And I guess that the combination animoog-audiobus-cubasis is beyond the ipads limit, at least for now.

Thanks anyway Skipp.

I’m using original iPad 3.

Today animoog updated to version 2.0 and now it works just fine with cubasis on ipad2. That makes me very happy :smiley:

Animoog also works for me on iPad 2. Nice !