anyone using BFD2 'and' Guitar Rig ?

since I have installed BFD2 my system crashes every time I load project ‘if’ I have instances of BFD2 in a vst instument slot and a guitar rig in any insert?

only if these 2 vsts are being used together in the same project does the load fail with the ‘a serious problem has occured’ message!

the easiest work around is to remove BFD2 from the vst instrument slot before saving project and then re-inserting it next session.

just wondering if anyone eles on here are using these 2 64bit vst’s together and experiencing problems?

I use BFD2 in pretty much every project. I never use GR, but I loaded into a project I was working on and the project opened and closed fine. What versions are you running?

BFD2 latest revision… the problem seems to have stopped now for some odd reason.