Anyone using Cubase 9 on Windows 7?


Is anyone using Cubase 9 on Windows 7?
What is your impression? Does it run smoother and is more CPU efficient than 8/8.5 etc?

win 7 64 bit i5 intel 32gb ram… on 8.5 i had latency problems due to my audio card scartlett 2i4 1st gen… right not configuring the setup altho i did open a project that had 17 audio channels an a few inserts and seemed ok

ok… thank you
anyone else?

Running 9 on Win7. Works fine, no performance issues (knock on wood)- same as 8.5 for me. Upgrade went smooth.

Great to hear! Would you say there’s any improvement in terms of CPU efficiency in 9 compared to 8.5? And what about the GUI feel?

Also on win7 64. Yes I would say a slight improvement, maybe 10% at a heavy project running in the 90%.(dropping to in the 80% with C9) But nothing scientific!

I am, and it seems to be working just fine.

I will not upgrade this machine to W10 due to the frequent BSOD episodes. I paid too much to build it just to throw it all away because Microsoft decided to have a temper tantrum - I’ll yank the Internet cable out of it and buy an off-the-shelf PC for any Internet crap I need to deal with when Win7 support ceases.

Me too

Cubase Pro 9 needs more Real Time Power (about 10 % Average load, real time 10-15% higher peaks) than 8.5.20

Similar here too. :cry:

Yup C9 on W7/64

Runs like a charm.

Win 7 here running smooth

I compared an 8.5 project in 9 and didn’t really notice any difference as far as performance.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit…
No appreciable difference in asio loading ,
Stable but some crashes on exit which didn’t occur with 8.5
Installer failed to pick up preferences and settings from 8.5 so manually copied and pasted and got it back
Overall appears solid so far.

Would love a bug squash list from 8.5 to 9x or acknowledgement that no effort was spent in this area. Purpose, so I don’t have to find out the hard way.

Solid here so far. Though I never had any issue with 8.5 either with W7 Pro on my system. Though it is quite a beast that I built…

Win 7 64 Bit (i5 16gb RAM) - and so far so good

This all sounds very promising! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

How about C9, W7, and ASIO4All? :slight_smile:

Would like to do some laptop edits in the family room over the holidays, holing up in the DAW room isn’t an option, and I don’t really want to disconnect my interface from my main computer.

same to me. no problems at all. from time to time bluescreen at closing of cubase - as with cb pro 8.5.
during operation no issues.


I read on the Cubase Elements 9 that the system needed to be 64-bit.
I’m using Windows 7, with a 32-bit system.
Do you think I would be able to install and use Cubase Elements anyway?

System Info:
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz
4,00 Go
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT

Elements 9? No. Elements 8 yes