Anyone using D4 / Win 10 / MB Pro UPDATE

Hi All, having upgraded to Dorico 4 on my Mac Pro running Mojave, and also using the iPad version I’m wondering if I can extend the life of my old MacBook Pro (late 2011) which is too old to run Mojave. It’s stuck at High Sierra.

I’m thinking of using Bootcamp and running Windows 10, installing Dorico 4 on there and then at least I have mobile scoring in suite with my studio and iPad. I notice that D4 projects open in 3.5 on my MacBook but once I start using D4 a lot I may find areas that don’t translate. So using Bootcamp could extend the life of my MacBook until I can afford to replace it.

Any thoughts? Experience running Win 10 on a MacBook of this age? And cross-platform compatibility of Dorico projects? Grateful for some responses before I spend the several hours backing up, partitioning and installing (whispers) Windows…

I thought I’d post the latest on this as it may help anyone with an older Mac - save going through the painful process to discover that no, Windows 10 will not run terribly well on a 2011 MB Pro (2.8Ghz i7, 8GB RAM).

I discovered that Bootcamp would have to be hacked a bit to install Win 10, which I was not willing to do, but that running Parallels it would be straightforward to install. It wouldn’t install Windows from Parallels 10 which I already owned, so I had to download the demo of version 17. Then it installed fine.

Sadly Windows ran very poorly, and whilst I was able to install D4, that ran very poorly too - unusable.

So it’s saving the pennies time to buy a newer MacBook. Glad that I have a MacPro with Mojave to take advantage of the excellent D4, and looking forward to adding a MacBook soon. Hope this helps someone not waste their time (and money - had to buy a license for Win 10 OEM - 10€, but fortunately not for Parallels, the demo was enough to do the research).

Forgot to add - at least I was able to try out the new licensing system from Steinberg, which worked instantly and flawlessly. I had D4 licensed for all of an hour I think, then de-authorised on the Win partition - so kudos to Steinberg - great new system that’s going to make life a lot easier for people with several setups.

Glad to hear, at least, that Steinberg Licensing worked well in this scenario!