anyone using icon qcon pro in 8.5

my old housten has finaly stopped working…i was looking at the qcon pro (g1)
anyone using this , is it working 100%
or should i look ewhere ???


I use the Qcon pro G1 with no problems. I used o work with Mackie MCU+ 2 extenders, but I had quite a few issues with he build quality of the MCU´s (broken PSU, broken display, broken motorfader)

I am now working with the Qcon pro and it is build like a tank. Faders work nicely without a lot of noise and especially the encoders are higher quality than on the old Mackie MCU. There are a few cons of course. You´ve got no Project button that Cubase uses for engaging the Listen function. So you cannot control “listen” on the qcon. The faders also have less resolution (128 steps), but to be honest, I have found this resolution to be sufficient for mixing.

What kind of precision do you get in terms of the dB value? Presumably the resolution is better around the 0dB level, and worse when you get to the bottom of fader travel?

For my work the 3 biggest limitations are the following:

  1. Cubase will “follow” what you touch on the QconPro, but the QconPro won’t “follow” the track you click on in Cubase. In other words, if you currently have selected track 1 in cubase and then select track 10, you will have to manually press the bank shift button on the QconPro.

I think this is part of the MCU protocol and it doesn’t matter what controller you use. However I’m told in the latest version of Logic, if you select track 10, the QconPro will follow! Go figure…

  1. I find the selection and opening of VST’s worthless using the QconPro. Unless you have a very small amount of VSTs. What you should be able to do on the QconPro is select your VST, then with a different button open the VST. But what you get on the QconPro is a controller that selects the VST and within a second it automatically opens it. Not good!

  2. The built-in Cubase EQ is a total mess on the Qcon scribble strip. There are no spaces which makes reading parameters uninviting. If there is a way to change this I would love to know. Other VST’s including EQ’s you can edit the parameter names.

Monitoring is achieved by pressing the pan control down which turns on monitor.

Precision is “beter” around 0dB than it is all the way down. I have never found this to be an issue myself.

My QconPro is around 2 years old. I had to send my first one back. I think quality control was a problem for Icon and maybe they are past that hurdle. They have a new distributor in the USA and I think are sold by multiple retailers instead of the exclusive distribution with IconDigital USA a while back. My unit does make an occasional quiet “crackling” noise. I think it has to do with the Qcon trying to “focus” on the exact volume, but failing. Touching the slider without moving it solves this. I think this is the reason because I had a situation where the slider was actually vibrating therefore making a much louder and unacceptable noise. But it was at just 1 or 2 volume parameters in Cubase. The remedy was to go back 1 firmware version which fixed the problem…or slightly change the volume which is unacceptable for myself.

In Cubase Mode, (there are 2 modes selected in Devices>mackie control. Cubase mode and Compatibility mode) For myself I like Cubase mode because I get more out of the QconPro. While Cubase mode takes away the channel shift button, you get it back by holding shift+bank control. It’s all this weird stuff and I have never found much documentation.

The cure for this would be if Steinberg made it possible to use the Remote Control Editor for the Channel EQ. Currently you can use it for most other parts of the Cubase channel (e.g. Channel Strip modules) but not the EQ. I’ve posted in the Feature Request forum on this, so by all means give it a +1:

Sorry for hijacking the thread Tony H but I’d just like to ask greggybud about point “2”. I’m just wondering what you mean here. Do you mean you can:-

  • navigate the plugin selection window and load a new insert effect into an empty slot?
  • select and open the control panel of an already loaded plugin?
    …or neither of the above because, as usual I’ve gone and completely misunderstood something which was perfectly obvious to everybody else except me :blush: thanks

Tony H, since I’ve hijacked your thread; I don’t really have any frame of reference since the only other piece of hardware I’ve owned which vaguely resembles my Qcon Pro was a Korg NanoKontrol. But, for what it’s worth, the QCon has vastly helped my performance. There are still many features of the QCon Pro which I don’t use yet simply because I’ve been using mouse and keyboard shortcuts for a lot longer so I’m still making the slow transition, one feature at a time. Nonetheless, the function buttons, the jog wheel and the faders/panning/solo/mute/rec etc. which are the features which convinced me to buy all work great.

Yes, but as I mentioned once you stop scrolling on a VST it will automatically open within a second. That I find impractical.

Yes, you can open the GUI to any already loaded plugin and change or automate any parameter you wish. Most every VST already has this set up in the Remote Control Editor, but I find 99% of the set-ups horrible and re-do them to my tastes…including better abbreviations so the scribble strip is more readable.

cool stuff guys-
thanks for the heads up

Ah, I just got a Qcon Pro and before the first time using it I decided to directly update the firmware to v1.20.
Seems I am having the exact same issue and find it quite annoying.
Tried searching for an older firmware (I know it had v1.05 before) but cannot find it anywhere.
Do you happen to know where to get that?

Thanks in advance!

This is such an old issue, they should have fixed it by now. But yes, upon loading Cubase, often mine “vibrates” with a lot of noise until I touch the fader that is vibrating. I haven’t had time to pursue the issue, but last I knew if you live in the USA the support should be from:

Mixware, LLC
9790 Glenoaks Blvd, Ste 7
Sun Valley, CA 91352
T: (818) 578-4030
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:00PM PST

If you are successful, with an older firmware version please let me know. But even then, I’m not sure I want to risk messing with the firmware since I once somehow bricked an Oberheim synth doing an update.