Anyone using Intel Ark 750/770 GPUs with SL? Intel Deep-Link support?

Anyone using these. without problems hopefully?

They seem to be shaping up to be a very capable but also affordable GPU for workstations that perhaps aren’t video task based, but certainly still need some requirements and the benefit of not depending on an iGPU.

Also, if SL does support them, does SL support Intel Deep-Link which combines the power of Intel CPU and GPU?


Someone posted a question like this some time ago. I believe the answer is still the same.

Although Spectralayers is a GUI based application, I dont believe there is any sort of GUI optimization for Spectralayers whatsoever (meaning Spectralayers is most likely cpu based coded)

Although the main developer did hint out about GUI optimization in the future the main developer more-or-so favored optimization for Nvidia rather than AMD or Intel.

Me personally, I have supported AMD (all my cpu’s and gpu’s are AMD) and all of my computers are AMD based and I support AMD because Nvidia has a monopoly and a monopoly can become a very dangerous thing to consumers. Ray-tracing and all that stuff is good but it can become detrimental when a certain company has too much power and you enable that power so much that it stifles innovation. Right now Nvidia is running a monopoly, and 99.999999% of laptop OEM manufacturers only use Nvidia chips, and that is a very dangerous thing because now they can charge whatever they want for little to no gain and there’s no competition for them.

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Here’s that other post about using AI accelerator cards, GPUs and CPUs in SL9.

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The Spectralgraph graph uses GPU to render doesn’t it?