Anyone using lil 'Auratone' boxes?

Aloha guys,

I have not used/heard them for years but I just got in a used pair
(late 70’s/early 80’s no serial #) from a closing studio and wondering
if anyone here still uses them.

If not, any alternatives?

I’ll be trying them out next week.
I plan on using them for mono work/mixes as well as stereo.

TIA (thanks in advance)


We used to use ‘horrortone’ c5’s in the edit suite in the news gathering company i worked for many years ago… nasty little things but brilliant for the job…

I think most people use Avantone cubes instead these days if they can’t get hold of a pair of auratones in reasonable condition… I have one myself for checking mono, again not the most pleasing of speakers but it does a great job of revealing all the important mid range info… i like using it to get a balance really quickly…


I would like 1 of those Avant-tones to focus on the mid range in mono , but they only come in pairs.

From what I’ve read, they are great at the mid range stuff because they don’t have a cross-over. And what limited bass response they have is very accurate because they are non-ported (so there is no “waterfall” resonance distortion).

I’m not sure where you’re based, but here in the UK KMR sell them as separate units… is where i got mine from…


Im using avantones actives as a 3rd pair. Mostly just a last-instance reality check before sending stuff off. Kind of expensive considering I may find a decent pc speaker to do the job.

Oh and they are definitely being sold in single speaker units.

Hey lucas - I’ll be in NYC this wknd … are you seeing them as single units there? (I’m not an eBay person).

hi, I was in nyc a month ago last time, i am working in europe.

I bouht my avantones from the store (in europe).

Ok, thx, will keep looking for single units over here. I saw Bkln in your name, I thought u were nyc-based, sorry!

i would like to hear a before and after mix or master , just to try hear what detail you are missing without playing your track through the auratone . for instance what would have escaped your attention if you hadn`t checked with the auratone.

I admit I would be buying the Avantone on faith … bit for what it’s worth, here is an article describing it’s characteristics:

I think they’re over-rated, and rather expensive for, let’s face it, auratone copies. Behringer also make a copy I believe.
Personally I use a small Cambridge active box. As long as you know what it is your expecting to hear from them, there are a number of active speakers which will fill the bill.
Know what you need, check the specs, listen to them (and if you can’t listen first, then pass) don’t fall for hype.

i kind of agree (although i like having the auratones).

there are definitely more economical ways to getting your ‘crappy speaker sound’, unlike the inescapably steep price for a clinical monitor.

My understanding from reading the SOS article is that the main strength is not for use as a grot box, but for superb reproduction of the mid-range (no cross-over frequency, sealed box, etc). I guess you guys don’t feel that strongly about that aspect?

If it’s just hype (though SOS isn’t well-known for that kind of thing), I’d like to know, as I’ve been thinking about buying one!

Thanks :slight_smile:

The key is translation!
Whatever helps you discern whether your mixes will translate well is all that matters.
The major factor usually involved here is not which product, but rather your familiarity with it.
So choose and then stick with it like a marriage.
It will probably take many months of trial before you can rely on it without needing to check in a number of other environments.
I know of one engineer who swears by a pair of cheap radio shack speakers, and takes them with him to which ever studio he might be using.

personally, they prove very useful in spotting hi-mid harshness, as my main set of monitors (klein hummel/neumann o300) can be a little forgiving in that freq. region. and the vocal / VO levelling, as has been mentioned. you could probably get the same features from a cheaper box, it’s just these are a standard, you know… speaking of the behritones-- i’d considered those for a second but it was the SoS (quite unflattering) review that made me change my mind (and SoS are usually very diplomatic with their reviewing).