Anyone using Logitech MX 3 Mouse?

I’m Looking for a new mouse and Logitech MX 3 seems to be a great one.
Does anyone here use this mouse with Cubase?
thank you all for opinions.

Not that exact mouse but I currently have a Logitech M72 Triathalon and it’s ideal for me. Never had any issues with it.

This mouse haws a great reputation, but it’s pricey- there are variants. I just invested in the MX Keyboard, I am glad I did. Solid, the best I have had. I am using a logitech M185 (cheap) and its great. No need to change here. I think the MX3c tracks over your body and glass, but do you need this? It’s bluetooth and USB

The M185 is the one I’m using right now.
I think it’s too small.
M720 seems to be bigger, but MX3 master has two wheels to scroll in both directions, although I’m not sure if this works with Cubase.

Kensington expert pro is the usual.

Yes I do. I like it works well. Coming from a Logitech G700(9 buttons) this one only has 3 , but with the software you can use gestures while holding a button and assign fuctions or keystrokes…pretty flexible I think. The two wheels work for vertical /horizontal scrolling in Cubase. Plus if you use other software WaveLab or OpenOffice oer Word the software can be configured recognize the program in focus and you can have different keystrokes assigned for each program. It is pricey but if it works for you worth it.
my 2 cents…?..:wink: cheers R

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Hi MaxRB, thanks for the info!
Thank you all for helping.

I am using mx master 3, and it’s great, horizontal scroll works with cubase good enough i had just to invert it and slow it a bit just for the cubase. Guesture button and guestures works but on some command i think (Alt+M mute event) had to pair it with autohotkey since it wasn’t translates well from Logitech Options(software for mx mouse) to Cubase but you can solve that by assigning some additional more simple one key command in cubase you want to trigger with the mouse. Overall i am using it for 6 months and i am very satisfied.

I just ordered a MX Master 3 and came on here to see if anyone was using one. I’m due for a mouse upgrade anyway (windows 10), and was hoping i can map a few single key commands to it?
Ive been using a small wireless keyboard recently, and this doesnt have a number pad. Was hoping the M3 can be mapped to use got to first locator and last locator.

Finally, I bought the MX Master 3 mouse.
Good weight, incredible usability. The vertical scroll is superb! but when using the Logitech’s app for button’s setup, the horizontal scroll steps are bigger than ideal. The ideal step is achieved when doing the horizontal scroll with “shift scroll”
I tried every configuration without a satisfactory solution.

Just to let you know, after installing Cubase Pro 11, everything is working smoothly!
Great mouse! I highly recommend.