Anyone Using M-Audio Delta Series?

I need a soundcard for my soft synth box to use live.

Anyone know what the lowest possible latency is with these cards? Is it listed in samples etc?

64 samples


64 samples (~2-3ms depending on sample rate) is the lowest possible, but typically, after a few tracks and some plugins, you’ll have better luck at 128 samples, even on a newer computer. My experience…YMMV.

Oh sh_t …

I have an old one, I was hoping for 32 Samples… no way to get it that low?

No tracks, No playback just Akoustik Piano, Pro53, Superwave and B4 all running …
Intel i5 1333 2GB SSD in a rack … nothing complex

You should be able to get 64 samples then, if you have things set up right.

M-Audio stuff has never been able to get below 64 samples as far as I know. You could try with Asio4All, but I doubt that will get you there. Are there drivers that allow 32 samples for anything? Never seen one, but I have limited exposure to the universe of audio devices I suppose.

I can’t imagine anyone being able to tell the difference between 1 and 2 milliseconds latency…or whatever miniscule difference it comes out to be. From my understanding, that’s typically lower than real hardware synths/keyboards.

Yes! …

That synth rack setup is working on 64 samples with no warning lights or glitches at 96K with around 1ms latency! …

Hardware is dead!