Anyone using Melodyne 5 with ARA integration? It is a pain and not working


if I have a track that is cut together. Different WAV takes, cut together via crossfades. I am not able to edit the material in Melodyne using ARA. It’s a pain and it does not work in Cubase 10, not in 11 and not in 12 either. Editing time there shreds and tears the crossfades, it’s simply not possible to work with ARA. From my point, ARA is a standard that has no place in a professional DAW. It is a standard that is a pain and does not work.

Is there someone out there who is able to use this? I will write Celemony again that, if they want to stay pro, they would have to keep on support for VST3 in Cubase. ARA is an abortion.


ARA seems to be problematic. Izotope have ARA support for RX, but only for Apple Logic. Very strange format if it can not be used cross vendors.

How come Celemony only supports ARA in Cubase