Anyone using nektar p6 controller with cubase?

It appears to be a good controller, wondering if the key action is top notch for price range &. If integration with vi is good

Hi, there was a thread where the Panorama series is discussed a while back…

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Great thread, and my purpose is using this for midi composition, production, not really as a post audio mixer.
I have the Dave smith prophet 08 hard synth, and bought the sound tower vst that controls it via midi, so look forward to trying the p6 with that, however , I never use instrument channels for any of my vst plug ins, just associate them to the midi track. Having said that , will the vst mappings you have provided automatically recall vst settings of plug ins on midi tracks?

Yes you can control the VST instrument linked on a MIDI track. The workflow is the same as for an instrument track - whichever track you have selected, press the ‘Instrument’ button to control the VST Instrument on that track.

Hello again! :smiley:

So, I’ve had the P6 for a couple of months now and I love everything about it - the keys feel great, the UI and screen make programming it a snap, the motorized fader is very high quality, yadda yadda…

I am , however, having a big problem ever since I added the Cubase integration: selecting tracks causes a momentary hangup (sometimes as much as 4 or 5 seconds!) while the P6 takes its time to show the selected channel in its mixer. This seems to be especially an issue with MIDI tracks (no idea why), just clicking on a different track causes a big pause. This happens even on a project with only a couple of tracks, so it is not an issue of too much complexity. The unit is connected via 2 USB ports directly to my PC, which is very new, very clean and quite flawless so far (running Win 7 Pro 64).

It is definitely the P6 and it seems like a software issue - if I disconnect the P6 completely and run Cubase (7.0.5, but I had the problem with previous version ever since I installed the P6 integration) then everything is perfect and switching tracks is instantaneous. What’s worse, I can’t seem to be able to turn OFF the integration! I tried unistaling the Nektar Cubase integration, disabling the MIDI channels used by the P6 for communication in Device Settings, etc. No matter what I do the P6 still “sees” Cubase and tries to take over the selection every time I click on a track (and it says “Cubase” in the mixer page).

One more question: is there any way I can get the P6 to STOP switching to “mixer” mode every time I change the track selection? For what I do I need MIDI mode the majority of the time, I would like it if the unit stopped switching mode on me every time I select a different track - if I am in MIDI mode I want to stay in MIDI mode! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be appreciated… I need either a hint as to how to fix the problem or a way to completely remove Cubase integration (which I assume would fix the issue since it was not happening before I installed the integration).

Thanks in advance!

Hi, glad you like the Panorama!

Could you please set up a support ticket in your account at regarding the with the integration you are finding? It sounds like a strange problem and I have not come across any similar problems before, but our support team should be able to help you.

Support will get back to you within 24 hours, but in the meantime if you wish, you can uninstall the P6 integration by running the uninstaller: Click on START|All Programs|Nektar|Steinberg and run ‘Uninstall_Nektar_Steinberg’.

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Hi Tim… thanks for your reply!

I did open a support ticket before posting here, just thought I’d check if someone else has had the same issue - I’ll let you know what they say once they get back to me.

I did try uninstalling - in fact, I tried everything I can think of to uninstall the integration short of reverting the unit’s firmware to an older version. Nothing seems to matter, as soon as Cubase starts the P6 recognizes it and switches into Cubase mode.

I hope support will be able to help… :frowning:

I’ve got the Netkar P4 and have the same issue you do - Cubase will hang for a few seconds when selecting new tracks. Audio doesn’t hang/stop, so I’ve been dealing with it for the time being. My workaround so far has been to shut off power to the P4 when I know I don’t need to do any playing and then switching tracks is instant, just as you’ve noticed.

I’ve been meaning to troubleshoot it but I haven’t gotten that far yet. All I’ve done was made sure the P4 is directly plugged into my computer, made sure I had the most current firmware and confirmed my MIDI device settings were correct.

Please do post the solution if Nektar support finds one for you :slight_smile:

Hey! I am so happy someone else has the same problem! :laughing: Well, not happy that you have the problem, you knwo what I mean…

I am in touch with Justin at Nektar and he has given me a bunch of suggestions for things to try out. I will do so tonight when I get back to the studio and report back, even though I am pretty sure I’ve got the latest everything installed. He seems to have never heard of the issue - that’s why I thought it might be just me.

He also mentioned that when you change track selection the P should not change its mode. For me, no matter where I am (I tend to use Internal mode most of the time) as soon as I select a different track the unit switches back to Mixer mode. Very annoying… I thought it was by design because it has always done it for me, but he says that mode should not change unless I change it, and selection should always be instantaneous.

The one thing they seem to have trouble with is hidden tracks in the mixer - apparently the integration can get confused because the track counts don’t match (or something to that effect). I do keep a bunch of tracks hidden, so maybe that ends up causing the issue. I’ll be testing today and report back.


Hi Jeera,

Sorry you are having problems with the P4, if you have not already can you please open a support ticket and we will continue to investigate this issue. Always helps to have an additional system report.

Last night I double checked that the firmware version I have is the latest (it is). I tried resetting the unit. Restarted everything, etc. No change at all. I removed all my other USB devices (Korg Kronos X, Akai EWI, etc.) except for the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20) just in case, no change. I also tried different projects (including brand new empty ones), tried a project where every track was visible in the mixer without any filtering, etc. No change – every time I change track selection Cubase hangs for a few seconds.

At the end the only fix was to remove:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Components\PanoramaP6SteinbergDawControl64.dll

to fully disable the Cubase integration – everything goes back to normal, Cubase is super snappy and all is good. I can still use the P6, but as it is I am out of ideas as to what else to try to make the integration work. For now I’ll just use it without the integration – it still does 90% of what I need… if someone figures this one out please let me know! :slight_smile: