Anyone using Neutron 4 or Nectar 4 in C13?

As typed above … thank you!

Hi, it’s quite a time ago.

I am using Nectar 4 in C13 and it works well.

Some weeks ago I installed Neutron 4, but Cubase was not usable any longer. After uninstallation Cubase 13 worked fine again, but I am not sure, if Neutron caused this problems.

btw: I am also using Ozone 11, which works also fine.

That is good to know, thank you @alpha-w !

I will be installing C13 in the next month or two … sounds hopeful!

Installed Neutron 4, Ozone 11 etc 2 weeks ago. Installed Cubase 13 at the weekend. No issues so far.

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