Anyone using roland TD-11 in cubase 8?

Hi, just wondering if It is possible to use the drum sounds from the module in cubase? Not in a stereo track but in MIDI. I mean so I can have One MIDI track for each sound.
I’ve tried to use kontakts studio drummer and it’s not working so well, for ex tom 1 has a kick sound that I can’t change etc.
Maybe it’s something with the drivers in the module, having problems updating it.
Need help

You can not have any sound in a MIDI track at all.

Aa of course, its just signals.
so only stereo then.
I’ll have to look over the settings again!

You can record one Instrument after the other from your TD 11 though, if that hepls you in any way?

Many drum plugins have midi re-mappings for e-drums, BFD, Ezdrummer, SD drummer, Addictive drummer have all presets for the v-drum family.
But if not present you can remap using the standard drum editor in cubase, just set the right key and you’re of (record all the toms,snares to get their responding key).