Anyone using soothe2 or libra with cubase 11 pro?

I had been using them religiously but over the weekend they both basically became unusable out of the blue.

I get the following error message:

"The following plug-ins have been added to the Blocklist:
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VTS/Libra.vst (Unknown)
/Library/Audio/Plugin-Ins/VST/soothe2.vst (Unknown)

Please Note: 32-Bit Plug-ins are no longer supported!"

I actually had to completely uninstall soothe2 and Libra because Cubase just wouldn’t open with them installed. Like not even make it to the splash screen.

These are pretty popular plugins so I was wondering if anyone had a work around, or if I just have to ditch them for not being 64bit.


Soothe 2 is 64 bit compatible. I am using it on my Mac. Windows has 32 bit and 64 bit VST versions so just use the 64 bit one and it should be fine.

I don’t own Libra but you will see on their website it is 64 bit comparable.

That’s what I thought. Very strange. I’m not sure what to do. I re-installed all 3 from scratch. Cubase, soothe, and Libra.

Right now they just kill cubase for me though, and i have the latest downloads of everything. mm mmmm

Go to the Plugin Manager and ensure the 64 bit version is listed in the list of available plugins on the right hand side. If not, drag the appropriate version over into an appropriate folder (you can create your own or use an existing folder).

well, the problem is cubase won’t even open so i can get to the plugin manager if I have either of those plugins installed.

It just hangs on scanning the VST and VST3 directories. I see nothing on the soothe or stltones sites with a link to only download the 64bit version.

I’ve emailed both companies so maybe they can figure out what’s up. Very strange though. It sounds like this issue is rare so far.

Have any updates been made to your computer recently?

oooh it might be ilok

one min. let me see if there’s an update for that.

yeah Ilok is hosed. That’s the reason. I’ll dig more into it. uninstalling and re-installing that didn’t fix it.

whew! all good now!


It was ilok. *me curses under my breath

thanks dudes! That was driving me crazy lol