Anyone using Studio Manager/GTRC

Just curious if anyone out there is using Studio Manager and GTRC software for configuring hardware setups.

Seems powerful if you can get it to work. I’ve had varied degrees of success with it and I’m still playing with it as time permits. Mostly I use it with the ES8, but I do have it talking to a JD-990 as well.

Anyone else?

Yea - I use it with my motif rack es.

Since upgrading to cubase6 there’s a really annoying bug however that leaves a white box on my screen.

I don’t do a huge amount of programming with the motif though, I pretty much select presets and alter effects with it.


I wanted to use it, but the USB midi driver for my MO6 refuses to install properly, probably because the cc121 uses the same driver. Would love proper total recall though.

As many other great ideas from Yamaha, it’s been left to die.

Is anyone using the Yamaha Studio Manager with C6, running 64 bit?

I installed the studio manager software and the voice and multipart editors. I can get bring up the device panels in Cubase 4 (32 bit) but Studio Manager doesn’t show up in the Device drop dwon menu in C6/64 bit.

No particular surprise since studio manager, voice editor and multipart editor all install into the windows x86 folder.

What I’m wondering is if the dll can be jbridged to run in c6/64 bit. I’m not sure if it will because when the studio manager installer ran, it didn’t create afolder or dll file in the Steinberg\VST plugins folder.

Anyone done this successfully?