anyone using sundog?

hi, im using sundog as a muse… to get some ideas… but i cant seem to separate the midi channels coming from sundog.

setup… sundog uses loopbe as its midi host… using loopbe in cubase as my midi input so the signal comes from sundog into the instrument im using… then i set the midi channel to corresponf to that being used in sundog…

but im only getting output form channel 1 and it play on all loopbe using instruments in cubase no matter what midi channel i set for the instrument.

any ideas how to separate the midi channels using sundog and loopbe …



Hi Tony.
I am not familiar with those programs, but in Cubase, after you’ve done recording, select the midi track and go to the MIDI menu and select Dissolve Part. That way you’ll get one midi track per midi channel, if that’s what you meant.

Hi Krisp,

thanks for the reply,

not sure that is what i need, sundog sends its midi info through loobe, up to 15 channels, loopbe is a virtual midi device, cubase sees loopbe as a midi source, but i cant see any more than 1 midi channel from loopbe in ciubase.

i know its not very clear, the developer of sundog is not sure either, work well with ableton apparently, will have to give that a go.

jsut want some fresh musical ideas…


if you can see LoopBE virtual midi port you can select it on all your midi tracks(16) and choose channel number(1-16)
to correspond with sundogs midi output channels 1-16.
the virtual port allows you to run sundog simultaneously with cubase. beware of midi feedback loops do NOT send midi
data to sundog from the daw. you can probably use external clocking on cubase to slave tempo to sundog also but im not sure of that.


I’m trying out Sundog due to this thread. Having some fun with it too.

OP, I used 4 instruments/channels in Sundog with different patterns, routed to 4 instr tracks in Cubase. The problem I’m getting is all 4 outs from sundog play on each of the 4 cubase tracks at once, despite matching the midi channels.

Sounds like you can get only 1ch to play, but that 1 channel outputs to all your receiving tracks at once? It is a strange one.

I used copperlan and loopmidi, but not loopbemidi. No dice yet

hi izwun

i had to arm record each track and not use monitor to get it to use the other midi channels

hope that helps

ps… it is fun to use


Hey Tony, thanks for reporting back.

I still can’t get the desired result. It seems Cubase just doesn’t tell the difference between Sundog’s ch 1 - 15 on my setup. I don’t have this problem with any other program that uses virtual midi cables. Strange.

The MIDI drag and drop works perfectly, though. So I’ll just be relying on the MS synth gm sounds while composing in it, for the time being.

Hi Izwun,

going back to it im still having the same problem as well, ive tried using cubase midi tracks to separate the midi signal flow but still no avail, not sure why it seemd to work and now doesnt so sorry for the false hope so far, im working with hauke to try and find a solution but ts going to take a while as im not that familiar with cuibase in all its entirety.


Ok no problem, Tony. Thanks for the update and I’ll definitely post if I stumble upon a solution.

Have you had any success with a multitimbral VI, like Kontakt? I posted over on KVR about how the channel routing works as expected within the multimbral instruments (running them in Cubase)… Including Haion 5


i thought i had it sussed with groove agent at the weekend triggering diffrent pads, but today, nothing, all midi channels are playing on all instruments at the same time,sundog works perfectly in ableton and sonar platinum, i cant unserstand cbase not working, there must be a midi routing sonewhere that will allow this, but after playing all afternoon i cannot find it.


edit… it seems that cubase sees the input midi channel from loopbe as omni or something like that and all 16 channels are then seen by cubase but you cannot separate them. frustrating, as i said other DAWs work fine,

does anybody have any ideas how to get this to work, im going to have to move to another DAW just to use sundog…


bumping this to see if anyone has a fix so cubase can see loopbe1 midi input’s 16 channels separately and not all at once.

thanking you for any help


EDIT: ok did it…but in one way, only cubase contols sundog, not the way around, but hey its okay this way.

have you ever managed to sync sundog and cubase via midi clock?
its a big problem not to sync the play from sundog to cubase (especially when i have to go track to track with the virtualmidi not working with channels)

Hi in this article (is in spanish but it has a video both english and spanish) you can find the way to connect Sundog with Cubase

I just found out from another thread to use the Input Transformer in the Instruments Inspector. It’s a tiny Icon on the right; it has a dropdown menu that says ‘Off’, Global’ or ‘Local’ Then there’s a preset use can pick to filter to use 1 midi channel. I find it odd to have to go through this extra step, bit that’s what fixed it for me. I’ve had Sundog for awhile! But I haven’t used it in awhile either! I was Rewirigin Ableton and wondering why my instruments was playing from multiple channels coming from Live, even though the midi channels were different.
Apparently Cubase Elements doesn’t have it though.