Anyone using the new NI Kontrol S61 with C Pro 8?


I’ve been wanting to buy a new Keyboard Controller for quite some time and all of a sudden the Native Instrument Kontrol S61 Keyboard got released. I’m just wondering if anyone here is using one with Cubase Pro 8 and how well they work together?

The features of C Pro 8’s Chord Pad and the Arp/Scale Features of the S61 look like they would compliment each other very well!

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Just got mine today. It’s not working with Cubase Pro 8. buggy all over the place.

This is not good news! Is it working with Kontakt and the Light Guide showing key switches etc (and with 3rd Party libraries)?What about the Transport section? sorry for all the questions. It’s an expensive Controller to not be working with an expensive DAW.

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I think this gonna be a killer

Wow. The only thing Missing is the Light Guide. I would buy it in a shot! :slight_smile:

I just got mine today. I will come back after installation

I’m actually holding off on one until the new keyboard is release. I have a feeling it will be a full 88 note keyboard. Also, with the 1.1 Update its set to do all things it should have done on launch.

Installation still not finished? :wink:

tell us how it works ´gether with C8

I’ve got busy with school affaires and totally forgotten. It works FINE! No problems at all. I can use it through my C8 and everything is OK. Moreover I am using also the Komplete Kontrol Program and browsing instruments through the Komplete S61.

Native Instruments have said that the interfacing with the new MK2<->Cubase will be ready at the end of the year.
what that implies in terms of the chords etc. will be interesting to see. I guess for now it just works like any other controller would…

It’s a bit of a forced marriage between the S61 MK2 and Ableton. As of today the keyboard has to be carried into Ableton as an instrument rack, and doesn’t provide browsing or audio previews of non-NI instruments.

I’m hoping the Cubase integration will be better! The NI software instruments are nice enough and in a few cases exceptional, but honestly I find the Cubase packages are overall much more useful and a better deal for the money.

It’s a great synth keyboard with enough pressure that I don’t fumble notes on complicated chords played up into the black keys. I’ve got wide fingers and am loving that I can press a white key between two black keys and not also sound the black keys, which is a problem for me on about 90% of the synth keyboards out there. And yeah, it’s a little more plasticky than the old model, but then what isn’t and it’s plastic done reasonably well although those sharp corners make it not a good choice for touring. Got my pudgy little fingers crossed on the integration, still waiting…