Anyone using the Novation MkII ? recommended?

Anyone using the Novation MkII controller keyboard with Cubase 6 or 7? I am just about to buy one and wonder if there are glitches? I use a variety of plugins including
All of Spectronics
Various EW play inc choirs
Halion 4
Kontakt 5
Absynth 5
Native instruments b4
Some VSL
Halion Symphonic orchestra

Spec below:

thank you


apart from a laboured shut down of cubase as automap has to go through its shut down routine there’s non , all works as expected

Thank you for the reply. Novation have told me that C7 is not supported. i wonder if you cna get away with it? Are you using C7 or C6 please?

I don’t think the keyboard would be an issue. It should perform as with any other. Automap will have to update the software to perform the usual mappings, etc. with CuBase 7. Either than that, I like mine, especially the keys. Great synth feel.

Beagle are you using C7

there is no so called getting away with it , it takes time for novation to catch up with steinberg and it will be supported in the future but it doesn’t matter if it’s supported or not as it works perfectly as it should do with c7

thanks filter freak - |I buy today, will report back for the forum’s interest. Its curious some can use it and some cant. Perhaps I shall be lucky.

as you have looked in the other thread concerning the automap ,there is no issue with automap even the updated 64 bit uad plugin’s updated and run very well in c7 so you have no issues at all , all you need to do as i said in the other thread is go through the setup of c6 but point it to the folder of plugin’s of c7 so it wraps them and all is good , be prepared for a slow shut down of c7 tho but that is a small price to pay .

the keyboard is fantastic btw !

thanks again fitler freak,
appreciate your time. I am wondering though, I have my plugins in a few places (using multiple plugin paths) - I suppose I shall have to amalgamate to one folder.

nope you don’t need to if you don’t want to just set the automap to scan the folders you want ,it’s that simple :wink:

no need to “filter” the Filterfreak :slight_smile: He’s spot on.

I’m not using C7 yet. In the next month. I’ll report my experience too. The Novation has alot of controls. I made my life easier and put nice labels next to the rows of controls as reminders. Works very well. Once you’re used to it, it’ll be a breeze. But, give it time. Also, get the largest key size (I believe 61 keys is the max on the MKs). Good Luck.

FilterFreak, I find myself reprogramming controls everytime I change instruments that don’t have specific “Automapped” instruments or general midi (and go back to the same one later). Any advice for that. I think I’m failing to do something to get it to remember.

Thanks so much.

Bought the 61 yesterday,
Cant say I understand it yet, but so far it seems to wrap and unwrap the VSTs ok except the surround panner. I work in Surround and the panner disappears from Cubase when I wrap it for Novation.
Build quality its a little better than my old Axiom 61, but not up there with my other keyboards (lots more money) the RD700nx and the Nord C2.
A little niggle is I cant see the blue screen as a] its flat and as this keyboard lives above my piano keyboard, b] I have glasses and its hard to read even staring at it from above. Its also tiny not ‘large’ as the PR states.

BTW no laboured shut down here.

Thanks all esp FItlerfreak…

OK Its time to get the manual out