Anyone using the WK Audio ID-Mix-VU? Is it right for Cubase?

Hi all! :smiley:
Building a new studio with a Non-Profit organization and have a great budget.
I would love to have a controller for Cubase that is specifically made for that software.
Been checking out the WK Audio ID-Mix since it came out, but I believe that is over kill for me.
Wk Audio now has a WK Audio ID-Mix-VU That is smaller format and something that we can afford with our budget.
Is this the best solution, or is there something with better workflow?
This studio will be quite large with a good bit of equipment.
Is anyone using either of these great controllers with Cubase, or only Nuendo?
Recording and mixing will be the day to day, no audio for video for now that is, so I don’t really need Nuendo. This is only for the main room.
Different setups for the other rooms with video and such.

Studio setup would be as follows…
1 WK Audio ID-Mix-VU
2 Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16VT-HD’s
Cubase 6
Neumann M 147 Tube
Neumann U87
AKG C 12 VR ect…
Various drum mics
Waves Mercury Bundle ect… for Plug-Ins
Lots of outboard gear such as Neve Mic pre’s, Avalon…
Genelec 1032A monitors, Avatones…
A very good computer from ADK Pro Audio ( Usually build my own, but I wanted a warranty )

Thank You for any input! :smiley:
Sorry about the long post also.