Anyone using the Yamaha or Neve plug-ins?

I’m curious… they’re kind of expensive… does that translate to quality? I mean, the one Portico compressor plug is $500! Still, I’m interested, if they’re good

I use several Neve plugs on the UAD-2 platform. I rarely use native plugs anymore; no reason to. UAD Neve plugs are excellent stuff.

Funny, I feel the same way about hardware-bound plug-ins.

I assume that by this you mean that you yourself have no reason to use native plugs precisely because you have the UAD setup :sunglasses:

I’d still like to hear some feedback about the Yamaha and Portico plugs

ALL plug-ins are hardware-bound; it just depends on what hardware (the CPU or a PCI processing card). UAD-2 takes processing load off the CPU, freeing it up for other DAW tasks. Thus, UAD-2 provides greater utility to a DAW system than not having it. But, to each his own.

@ Doug
As mentioned, I rarely use native plugs … but I’ve read good things about the Neve Portico plugs. I agree with you, they seem very expensive.

But then, so is the UAD.

Dollar-for-dollar, I consider it one of the best bargains in the DAW arena.

Look guys and gals … I don’t own any interest in UA … I’m not trying to sell you on it … just sharing my experience for what it’s worth. There are lots of different ways to get the job done. Not everyone wants to harness the vast power of a UAD-2 Quad card. With great power comes great responsibility. And like Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry said “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” :wink:

I own a UAD card myself and rate them very highly, just saying it’s not cheap… thats all.

Thanks for that clarification. I was totally unaware.

No need to defend your choices to me. I’m sure they’re fine plug-ins.

My only addition would be that with modern processors, the need for additional offboard processing is diminishing, except that you may prefer the sound of your UAD-card-only plug-ins. I just prefer to add horsepower by upgrading my computer, rather than buying more cards.