Anyone using two RME madi cards in a Mac?

Is anyone successfully using two RME Madi HDSPe cards in a Mac using Aggregate Device without clocking issues?
Anyone doing this in an expansion chassis with a MBP? Probably a Magma?
Our brand new Netstor chassis does not behave itself, considering options.

i have done up to 3 madi in both windows and Apple systems. (not laptops)
need to clock with bnc.

funny i used a netstor to run a madi, uad on a windows laptop.
i would never assume a laptop to handle 2 madi cards.

Hello Scott,
Thanks for the reply, your input is always respected. The larger issue is the MBP loses sync with just one madi card installed, so it’s definitely an incompatibility between the MBP and the Netstor. This is the case with two different generations of MBP.
Have you or anyone ever used a late-model MBP with a Magma chassis for anything? I hesitate to buy one if it’s not going to work.


i was actually surprised the Netstor even worked… special request from a client so i ordered it.
Magma i have only done on desktops so i can’t help there.
i think its probably an issue with the MBP sleep states… have you tried the 3rd party program that lets you turn off all that junk? i cant recall the name. Timur (RME forum) would know.
worth a shot…

its called cool book…

Thanks Scott I’ll take a look.