Anyone using VST system link?

If so, what kind of round-trip latency are you getting?
Is it a worthwhile alternative to Vienna Ensemble Pro?

I use VST system link as part of my everyday setup, however, to me it doesn’t replace VEP.
I don’t think it should be used as an alternative but rather, as an addition.
This is how I use it.

Machine 1: Cubase on Mac for midi , VST System Link (master)
Machine 2: VEP slave on PC
Machine 3: Nuendo on Mac slaved to Machine 1 through VST System Link (slave)

This way I can host videos and heavy effects in Machine 3, which is my final “bounce” machine, also these Nuendo projects can get exported to Pro Tools if needed.

VST System Link is much better than MTC sync, it locks very fast and it’s sample accurate.
I haven’t found anything that replaces VEP’s workflow and low latency.


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Yep. use it for multiuser post production mixing.
Round trip latency not sure. Not important while mixing as long as it’s not to bad.

Does VST link require multiple purchasing licenses, or does it somehow extend from one eLiscencer?